Couples Therapy

Relationship counseling is not just for couples experiencing  intense problems, conflicts or issues. At times even the healthiest couples  need a little assistance to navigate through life. In committed relationships, sometimes there are misunderstandings, difficulties communicating, and ups and downs. Although it is normal to experience some challenges, at times they can be difficult to overcome or seem particularly magnified. Couples therapy can help.

Couples Therapy is designed to help partners to recognize and resolve their differences, challenges, and deep rooted or new conflicts that may be causing barriers within their relationship.  Some common focus in couples therapy are ; to Improving communication skills, conflict resolution, discovering the root of conflicts, learning acceptance while increasing shared support for one another, restoring physical and emotional intimacy, decreasing emotional avoidance or detachment, improve relationship resiliency, restore and improve trust. We provide a secure environment to build understanding, continued respect, and learn components of a healthy relationship.